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Alison was born with a rare genetic condition called Treacher Collins Syndrome. She was born in San Mateo California on March 16th, 1985. She enrolled in the Art Institute of California-San Francisco after moving from Sandpoint Idaho where she grew up. She received her Bachelor of Science in Fine Arts in 2008 before moving to New York to pursue her career in the arts.


At the age of nine she was an extra in the film, Last Game with Joey Travolta. She was noted for her performance in the 2018 film, Happy Face, for which she received a Canadian Screen Award nomination for Best Supporting Actress at the 8th Canadian Screen Awards in 2020. She also won the award for Best Actress at the 2019 FearNYC Festival. She was hired as a signature hand model for Colace.

She has worked with several fashion/beauty photographers to show a different perspective on beauty, and she has written an inspirational speech,

”Beauty is different and different is Beauty.”-Alison Midstokke. She was a Costume Designer’s Assistant for Six Word Productions, Wardrobe Director for That's My Father's Production and she styled R & B singer KISSK. Alison is now living in New York pursuing her career as a businesswoman, model, and actress. She has worked with prominent artists such as Rick Guidotti, Raya Meerson, Andres Hernandez & Angellika Buettner. She studied at Lee Strasberg Theater Film Institute & Queens Theater where she worked with Vincent D'Onofrio.









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