Master Phil in Your Corner with Alison Midstokke


Master Phil In Your Corner With Special Guest Alison Midstokke

Producer: Phil Ross

Running Time: 43:02

Shake My Beauty

A WOMAN who was born with a rare genetic disorder that causes craniofacial deformities has fulfilled her dream of becoming an actress. Alison Midstokke was born with Treacher Collins Syndrome and despite numerous reconstructive surgeries on her face, as well as additional surgeries to correct her speech and hearing, she has dreamt of becoming an actress since she was a little girl. When Alison moved to New York to follow her dreams, the aspiring actress struggled to be accepted in a big city: “I remember when I moved to New York City - it was very volatile.” But despite the challenges she faced, Alison never gave up and embraced her unconventional beauty - she started auditioning for movies and has recently played the supporting role in Happy Face where she was also nominated for Best Supporting Actress at the Canadian Screen Awards.

Video Credits: Videographer / director: Marcus Cooper

Producer: Rafaela Kuznec, Ruby Coote

Editor: Sarah Galpin

Running Time: 5:44 minutes

Happy Face


Desperate to become less shallow, Stan, a handsome 19-year-old, deforms his face with bandages and attends a support group for disfigured people after he learns his cancer-ridden mother will undergo invasive facial surgery.

But when he’s exposed as an impostor, Stan strikes a deal with Vanessa, the domineering workshop leader: he stays with the group, and in exchange he trains them on how to use their facial differences as a weapon against our beauty-obsessed culture.

Directed by: Alexandre Franchi

Written and Directed by: Joelle Bourjolly & Alexandre Franchi

Production: Le Film Happy Face, Inc. 2018

Run time: 100 minutes


A physically disfigured fashion model becomes haunted by eerie visions as she prepares for her runway debut.



Written and Directed by: Kevin Vu

Production: 2016

Running: 10:04






Beauty is Different & Different is Beauty


An expose written by Alison Midstokke on her difficultiers and triumphs as a person born with Craniofacial Syndrome. This was Alison's first time in the spotlight expressing herself, her differnces and her own uniue view on true beauty.


Year of production: 2012

Running Time: 2:19 

Chained For Life

A beautiful actress struggles to connect with her disfigured co-star on the set of a European auteur's English-language debut.

Written and Directed by: Aaron Schimberg

Production: Files Collective, Grand Motel Films, The Eyeslicer 2018

Run Time: 91 Minutes

Love is Love is Love

Is a short anti-racism project about equal and unconditional love. Inspired by Lin Miranda's speech at the 70th Tony Awards and the human rights campaign by the United Nations. 


Written and Directed by :Flavia Sgoifo. 
Director of photography: Natalia Bougadellis 
Original music score by: Pericles Kanaris 
Assistant director: Arianna Wellmoney
1st AC : Martin Blanco.Original 


Production: 2017

Running Time: 1:51




A short reel about the difficulties people with facial differences encounter in relationships.

Written by Alison Midstokke. Directed by Marten Bensten. Makeup by Kristen Pardee. Hair by Torchio Salon NYC.

Production 2014
Running Time: 1:41


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